Make | How-to: DIY Wall Art

FRIDAY, MAY 17, 2013

When the hubs and I moved into our first place together I had a million ideas about how I wanted to decorate it and no real idea of how expensive it would be to do. Of course half of my ideas were deemed “too girly” and instantly vetoed by him, but No surprise there LoL.

You see, he is very much a “man’s man,” there’s no metro or preppy bone in his body. If he had it his way our wall art would either consist of A) nothing or B) be decorated like his apartment from college… an American Flag tacked up over the couch, the “Don’t Tread on Me” Ranger flag above our bed, and a random Futurama or Alice in Chains poster or two.

So unfortunately, after a year there, our first place never got the makeover I had envisioned and only ended up having a few pictures of us hung on the walls.

Anyway, there have been a lot of compromises on both of our parts since then in the interior design area to get to where we are now… which is in our second place together & we have decorated walls & everything!! Yay!!

If you’re still with me at this point {here’s your cookie} that is what brings me to this DIY project…

wall art

It is super easy to do and so inexpensive. I think I spent $20 for all of the supplies. The canvas is usually the most expensive part, but as luck would have it I found my canvas 2 for $10 at Hobby Lobby. The other good news is that you don’t have to have an artistic bone in your body to do it!!

I found this idea at Apartment Therapy and it led me to the tutorial over at The New Domestic. 

Materials you will need:
– 2 colors acrylic paint {your choice}
– White acrylic paint
– Canvas
– Paint brushes {got the variety pack for $2}
– 1/4″ painters tape {found this at Hobby Lobby in the model car area}
– Cardboard or something to paint the canvas on {I used a broken down box}

materials for wall art


1. Tape off different angles… I am OCD when it comes to straight lines, so I used a ruler & lightly penciled in the lines before I put my tape down. **Be sure to continue your tape lines onto the outer sides so you wont have white edges:)

how to measure wall art

2. Paint! Plan out your color scheme beforehand {I lightly penciled a small “G” onto the areas to remind myself which areas to paint gray}

*Remember to continue your paint over onto the outer edges of the canvas.

 *Tip: Paint “away” from the tape pulling inward. This helps to keep the paint from bleeding under the tape. & if your paint seems to thick, dip your brush in water, tap it on a paper towel & then go back to the canvas. The water will help your brush spread the paint better.

3. Go back & touch up any light areas or spots you may have missed.

4. Let it dry completely!

5. Once the paint is completely dry, slowly peel the tape away from the canvas.

6. If you find areas where color has bled onto your white lines {like mine did below} you may want to use the white acrylic paint to touch it up.

Using a small flat head brush makes it easier to even out the lines.

7. Show off your gorgeous artwork & hang it up! 
wall art on the wall
2 pieces of wall art on the wall