Monday, May 20, 2013

Getting Organized :: Easy DIY Earring Holder

If you read my last organization post, Getting Organized :: Vanity Sanity, then you already know about my mission to be more organized in the “less visible” aspects of my life, & if you haven’t read it then you should:)

Anyway, I am still working on adding additional storage to my closet & master bathroom area, but since we live in an apartment my space is very limited. A while back, hoping to help solve this issue, I purchased 2 Closetmaid 9 Cube organizers, 1 for our office/guest room & 1 for my closet. I LOVE these because they’re inexpensive & you can put the colorful fabric drawers in them & hide your stuff!

{In our office/guest room}

So due to lack of space & my “frugal-ness” of not wanting to spend $$$ on some weird cat or tree shaped jewelry organizer, I had been storing my costume jewelry in one of these fabric drawers… the outcome?? Tangled necklaces & dangly earrings & absolute frustration!! Which led to my Pinterest search {bc lets face it, that site has everything!} & this project.

earing holder

In my quick Pinterest search, I ran across this DIY Jewelry Organizer tutorial over at iheartorganizing {thanks, Jen!!} & not only is it inexpensive to do, its wicked cute!!

I used the same type of sheet metal that Jen uses in her tutorial, but I ended up making mine a little differently, so I decided to provide y’all a tutorial of my own as well as the link {above} to Jen’s DIY.

Materials you will need:

  • Sharpie
  • Scissors or wire clippers {I used my Fiskars}
  • MD Building Products Aluminum Sheet Metal {also found at some Home Depot stores} Size of course depends on how big your picture frame is
  • Gorilla Glue {or hammer & small nails}
  • picture frame {I used 8×10, but you can use any size of your choice}

front of the holderDirections:

1. Take the back off of your picture frame & using the Sharpie trace it out onto the “back” of the sheet metal {I found that one side was more dull than the other}.

 2. Cut along your outline {be careful when doing this, the metal edges are a little sharp once its cut}

back of holder

3. Once you have your piece of metal cut out, line it up with the back of the picture frame to double check the size is correct.

4. Take the glass out of your frame & place it to the side.

5. Next, hammer the nails into edges of the metal sheet, I put 1 nail in the center on each of the 4 sides {or  in the 4 corners, whichever works best}. You want puncture the metal first so you don’t crack the frame trying to hammer the nail into both the metal & frame at the same time.

**If you decided on the Gorilla Glue route, this is where you would run the glue around the inside edges of the frame {where the glass would normally be placed} & then glue the metal to the picture frame {as if you were putting the glass back in}


6. Once you have punctured the metal, return it to the frame, & then hammer the nail in gently {Be careful not to go thru the front of the frame with the nail}.
7. Using the claw of the hammer, bend the remaining part of each nail into the grooves.
            finished product

You now have a wicked cute earring holder && wall art all in one!!

I loved mine so much that I made another one for my Mom at Mother’s Day, she has the same tangled jewelry mess going on at her place- must run in the family LoL. 
Hope y’all have a wonderful day!!